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Idara Darul Quran AlKarim (For Boys)

This institution has been started by well known Qari Imtiaz Ali for learning of Quran by heart. He has done specialization in this field and has been teaching students to hifz quran at different madressas of Karachi. He also teaches Nazra (how to read and recite quran in proper manner) to beginning students.

There is no age limit for admission. Child should have to able to recite Quran in right manner to be eligible for hifz program. Hifz program is of two years; otherwise, 6 months period for Nazra program first has to be done.

For Hifz 8:00 a.m to 1:00 p.m
For Nazra 3:00 p.m to 5:00 p.m

For Hifz Rs. 1000/= per month
For Nazra Rs. 500/= per month

Address: G-1, Jivani Homes, Ground Floor, Behind Soldier Bazar Market, Soldier bazar # 3, Karachi. Tel: 0213-2231587

For more details, contact Qari Imtiaz Ali, Tel: 0300-2768940

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